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Sanshe Rosehip seed oil, 30ml, 100% Pure for skin and hair

Vendor: Sanshe

₹899 | ₹699

Click here: Benefits of Rosehip seed oil

100% Pure, Cold Pressed Oil Brand : Sanshe Quantity : 30ml Color: Yellow Item form : Liquid Use for : Skin and hair Active Ingredient: Rosehip Skin type : All

  1. Click here: Benefits of Rosehip seed oil


Rosehip oil is a skin friendly natural oil that we get from the seeds of rose fruits. Once roses lose their petals, rosehips stay on the stems. The oil is obtained by cold pressing their seeds. Surprisingly, rosehip oil doesn’t smell like roses – it has a more woody, leaf-like scent. It ranges in color from gold yellow to deep amber and reddish. It is a dry (non-greasy) oil with low comedogenic rate. Rosehip oil is best known as the ultimate anti-aging oil. It is loaded with antioxidants (like vitamins A, C and E), fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9) and many other beneficial compounds necessary for healthy, beautiful skin.

HOW TO USE ROSEHIP OIL FOR FACE There are many ways you can use rosehip oil on your face, to improve your skin’s condition and keep it healthy and youthful. These are just some of the things you can do with it, that I’ve personally tried out and recommend:

1. Improve your moisturizer One of the simplest ways to use rosehip oil is to add a drop or two to your face cream, mix them, then apply to your face. The oil will improve the moisturizing abilities of your face cream, reinforce your skin’s barrier, make your skin soft and smooth and prevent drying out.

2. Use it as a makeup primer Rosehip oil is a lightweight, non-greasy oil that easily gets absorbed. It is actually one of the very few oils I can apply in the morning without my makeup running straight down. It is a perfect all-natural primer! I especially appreciate it during cold winter days, when my skin can really use another moisturizing & protective layer.

3. Facial massage oil Facial massage has many benefits for the skin. It rejuvenates the skin, tightens it, reduces stress lines and wrinkles and increases product absorption. Whether you use your fingers, jade roller or gua sha tool, you can use pure rosehip oil as a facial massage oil. The oil will allow the tools to glide smoothly over your face, improve your skin’s elasticity, make it soft and smooth, brighten the complexion and give it a fresh glow.

4. Anti-aging face oil This face oil blend is fantastic for mature, dry or damaged skin! It revitalizes the skin, deep-nourishes it and restores its youthful glow and healthy appearance. (But make sure to patch-test it first!) To make this anti-aging face oil, mix 2 teaspoons of rosehip seed oil, 2 teaspoons jojoba oil, 1 teaspoon evening primrose oil, 20 drops frankincense essential oil, 10 drops carrot seed oil and 3 vitamin E capsules. Store the mixture in a dark dropper bottle. Use every night – just apply a few drops of the oil over your night face cream.

5. Add it to a scrub A gentle, natural face scrub is a great way to get rid of dull complexion and reveal young, healthy skin underneath. Regular exfoliation helps even out your skin tone, maintain your skin youthful and glowing and improve product absorption. To make a DIY face scrub, mix 2 tablespoons of brown sugar with 1 teaspoon of raw honey. Add just enough rosehip oil (1 – 2 teaspoons) to get the texture of wet sand. Use this scrub to exfoliate your skin 1 – 2 times a week.

6. Use it in a face mist Natural face mists are a great way to provide your face with lots of moisture, nutrients and antioxidants. This DIY rose face mist leaves the skin looking fresh, plump and glowing. And you need only 3 ingredients: In a glass spray bottle, pour 7 – 8 tablespoons of rosewater, 1 tablespoon of rosehip oil and 1 teaspoon of glycerin. Shake the bottle until everything is well combined. Spray the mist to a clean skin and seal it in with a moisturizer.

7. Oil cleansing method To make a DIY oil cleanser, just mix 2 tablespoons of castor oil, 3 tablespoons sweet almond oil (or any other carrier oil that you like) and 1 tablespoon of rosehip oil. Apply the oil to your dry face. Use a damp, warm washcloth to gently wipe away the oil. Pat dry with a towel and apply moisturizer if you feel you need it.

8. Spot treatment Rosehip oil is great for acne prone skin. You can even use it to make your own acne spot treatment. All you have to do is mix 1 teaspoon of rosehip oil, 3 – 5 drops of tea tree oil and 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel.

9. Eye serum for dark circles and puffy eyes To make it, mix 1/2 ounce rosehip oil, 1/2 ounce aloe vera gel, 10 drops lavender essential oil and 5 drops lemon essential oil. Store in a dark glass bottle and gently massage the mixture under and around your eyes every night before going to sleep


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