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Eco-Friendly Disposable Chukyani 750 Ml Containers - Natural, Pack of 25

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SKU: CHUK-Chukyani-750-Ml-Container-25PK

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₹1500 | ₹999

200 in stock

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• Dimensions (in mms) -287 (length), 157 (width) & 40 (depth) • Quantity: 25 Pcs • It's 100% Safe: Throw your worries out the window as Chuk is completely natural has no carcinogens or toxic chemicals. We keep your family safe. • Hygienic: Our products have no touch manufacturing so be rest assured about hygiene. • Leak Proof: There is no leakage whatsoever so go ahead lick that buttery gravy off our plate - promise we won’t tell. • 100% Compostable: Want to leave a healthier planet for your kids? Use Chuk as it’s made from sugarcane waste and returns to mother earth in 180 days. • Your Friend For All Parties: Be the trendsetter and use Red-Dot, the highest design awarded Chuk for all occasions like parties at home or office, camping, picnics, wedding and catering.

Carry all your tasty food binges in these 500 ml and 750 ml disposable and compostable containers, and enjoy them on the go!

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